»: ion, “Mtn sbox. |

“irlendly with antranger went to the -and-that ata pre-arranged © signal

'“Hutler-an his counsel, Mr, Butler ap-

of Sates ne squad of the Royal a Mounted Police, Ottawa,


1 Street Drag Store Held for Possessing wiered Narcotic

‘Accused: Man ‘Retains Mr. F. 1 ¥.Butler as. Counsel Ball Fixed. at $1,500. {Joseph 'Farrel, 2 yonug drug cler vying ob Cedar Street," was Wednes- day night; arcosted. for illegal pos- seasion of powdered opium, members

‘making the arrest fn a hotel room. “The mounties whbd arrested Farrell teithat they found about’ a quar- ofan ounce of the druq in his ‘It was contaived in a


votes OPENS * -ADDIC

“Today Farrell, was remanded by ea se ‘Magistrate. Masson for a week, De-! Rey. Dr. Shearer, General Secre-] 2Paul H.. Miller;:of Ottawa,. tary for the Social Service Council

‘the charge, making no ob- of Cangda, who reports that Quebec

“to Dall as jong as it was of aj lexds all the provinces jn the num-

als* nature. -Mr.--Manson| ber of drug. addicts, with: British!

fixed: it'gt, $1,000 for the young man Columbia second, The. figures -he himself, see one surety of $500. Eives ate: Que. 3,800; B.C., 2,250; 5


“Was Searched ~ Ont., 1,800; P.B.L, none; NOS, 200; 4 Sty sk tbe karest toto the ef {N. B., 250; Man. G00; Sank. 250; ‘that. Farksll © who “had < heen; Alta, 325.


Twenty-Four are Conservative | »to Four Liberals and One hi, ; Independent

| TORONTO, Jan. 3.—The political compleion of the 1924 City Council tts overwhelmingly Conservative, there keIng 24 members” of thit follawing as compared to four Lib-, erala and one Independent. | { Methodists lead in the number ot] ‘members belonging to one religion, ,

' 4) a ay oe) With 12. There are SC Anglicans, 4 pearing. Sor.the ‘young: man in th ? prenhyterians, 2 Nomen Vatholica, 1

tec Hotellast night'to the latter's roow


PaylsH. Miller and | Do- i noni eee eae the KC.M.P.,

room and searched the i if i was drought ¥i in’ Wherq ‘he apent the night) = This: morning Detective Miller laid hevcharge “against Farre!l © that Swithout/auttority, of the Minister tc Health he-did have tn his pos- f a: quantity of draog—tow: | powdered opium, contrary to Part D. section 4) 0f the Opluny aud: Nar- Drug Act of 1923." “50, y. Retains Counsel rre}l' has “retained: Mr.




Sitaation Along Seine Called _ Serlous'and One. Driver |s : Drowned


River This Affernoon Rising Steadily and Gaining on Pumps—Rains Cause

PARIS, Jan. 3. (C, Th. The flood in the Seine in already assuming the proportions of disaster to sections of Paris and its environs,

‘The river rove fifteen inches In 24 hours, ended at noon today, adding to considerable damage already done in the suburbs of Paris and along the river in the departments of the Seine and Selne Et Olse, and causing the elty itself'to suffer seriously.

Tovlay when an automobile was at- tempting (o cross a street along the river at Confluna it was carried ifto deep. water by the current and awept away and the driver drowned,

This afternoon the river "was atl)! rising. fast and gaining steadily on the pumps.

The heavy rainfall of: the past. fort- night has brought down the wate; into thelriver to such an extent that this: morning the aspect was one of serlouspess. The officials at the For- eign Office, arriving at thelr desks, found that/the water waa seeping into the basement of the building, where important archives were stored. The fire department was immedlately calt- ed upow and brought pumps to, the hulldings& in the hope of clearing the basement of water and saving the valuable papers atored below,


Fear was expressed that the rise in the river might bring abont such a situation us prevailed in 1910, when the diplomatic staff of the Foreign Office had to go tp their posts In boats,

The suburbs immediately east and west of Paris are largely under water.

They bear the aspect of a muddy Ven-| establishing the Russian Monarchy | casa the reports; ice. Boats have been brought, into une | End Placing the Grand Duke Cyril} insinted they were trno, at Autent) to move the Inhabitants ,0" the throne, The organization har} genied them. figtfly.


Highest. With 50c —Queen Mary. ¥ and Queen Alex. 34°


Belleville public sehools were on a

par with the all-Capada average of dcpesita-in the Penpy Bank ‘for the months of Septemiiér: <ad October, according to a & ment which has just been received 4 The average mo: wast 40 cents per p hebt for the entire ‘weed was down The averdge = fc achool#\ wax, Quéc# Victoria School, SOc; Queen Mary Sthool, Mie; and Queen Alexandra Séhool, 34¢, A’ schedula of Hélleville follown;:

ly. deposit hero It, and the same inion. : S2c,. - the Dellevilie

deposits 19M WOBBLE va

Tn: ree

Starts. C To Sell Coal Fr

MONTREAL, Jam 3. (C, P. Announcement was} tiade"to<iay by Lovell Q. Micklex, that he-had applied for incorporation a°cémpany, to- gether with leading British coal {n- teresta for the Intepduction ‘of Welsh anthracite into therCanadian inarket. Associated with Mr, Mickies will be Sir Alfred Mond, and itis the inten- tion of the new company to install a complete breaking plant in Montreal no_as to be able 40 Isy down Welsh

ated tpribe Coumtan tees ee Russian’ Royalists inHugeConspiracy

Oct. $6K6.94



npany Janada


Rept. $ASL25

372,34 7382.07

Mave World-wide Organization to Regain Throne for Ro- manofl Helr

LONDON, ‘Jan. 3—Thirteen sccret Russian Royalist organizations have been formed with the object of re-


* sree

_ Proportions


“<in 40 Years “A high official of Camas. Prairie Railroad Company, Lewiston, In’ the State of Idaho, has heard of. the

Miss Mabel Normand Breaks! Belleville celebration, and plans to

; come to it. The following letter re- Down With Strain, Exelte- {ceived by. Mr. ‘Mikel Mlustrates the ‘“ ‘ment and Worry

wide range of publicity which the celebration is ‘getting.

“My brother Hate now at Prince Albert, Sask., tella me'there {fs to be @ celebration next summer, and 1 want to know all about it. It Is now 40 yearn since TE left the old haunts visiting there once In’*S! and ‘it 4s the one big wish that I might be given the opportunity to participatat in such a grand event. - Havé got; come in contact with many of the old boys since leaving “home” and want to meet up with Billy Robert-

son, son of the shoe man, Alex Ron-

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3—-(C.P.) lertson, the original delivery boy for --Miss Mabel Normand, motion pic-{ Reid the dry good) merchants, Geu. ture actress, whose chauffeur, Hor- ped rh enad eget pia aca Greer, aliag Kelly, on Tuesday) iio Hambly, who played «the flute, night shot and seriously wounded! Lukie Curtis, the young architect, Courtland Dines, Denver clubman, in, Billy Hoggart, Charlle Kyle, &c. 1 his bungalow here last night was re-; have followed the railroad game




Callp Jn ‘Affectionate Torms on /Nietim Not to Die—He SAyRho Won't



moved to the Good Samaritan Hospl-'since starting with the old Gyana oa suffering from a nervous break-' Junction aa clerk In the old Church owns The atrain, excitement and worry; chief clerk to the manager of this growing out of the shooting caused}company. Give me a line-up at your the actreas to break down. Sle wasiconvenlence, Very_truly, hospital where Dines is also a -pa- tlent,~ » An Affectionate Scene Parviance were much distressed over H M an the shooting. Police first found Penns r.Forh them at the apartment endeavoring; S Lf se Leaves ity man, . Both the young women were - * Keld for. questjoning and later. re- 5 5 : teased, after gery pre ‘Mr GeorRS Foran, Manager oF oxpital, where Miss Griifin Theatres. nere for the past Purviance rushed ovey to Dinea* cot! cight years, expected to leave town to- and implored him not ta diex ~He' day for St. Thomas, where he will in axsured her he would not. | future operate his owo theatre, the xcene at the rgeeiving hospital andy ‘The staff of The Dally Ontario took shook a reproving finger at Dinea; the occasion this morning to com- with: “I'm notigoing to play with} memorate the cordial relations exist- foty-I'm going to Ket out of this.” | selves by reading Mr. Forhan a com Later, the three were confronted plimentary address and presenting with reports that) Mikx Purviance | him: with a case pipe. The publisher, cne intimated that this had anything; yer(i robea to do with the shooting. jpbeceun foreman all joined in thts Miss Purvianer declined to dla! tripute to ‘Mir. Forhon, who, though

‘C2 it@, depot on Pinnacle St., and am now nol permitted to see any one at the rb LIN WOLEVER.~ Roth Misa Normand and sin SEAFE of “Ontario” to render first ald to the injured | fn the recelving h Miss Normand also looked on the; “Princess.” you any more, Look at the notor-) ing between Mr, Forhan and them/ and Dines were pugaged;. though-n0, the editor, clty and sport editors, ad- Mixa Normand take by surprise, expressed very sit Rin bol hia delight: and appreciation. 1 wished him good lick in hia new

ae yess Dee

plosion Among Dust tn the, Starch Plant Destroya Ev-

erything Nearby



: St ae

PEKING, Ms., Jan. 3—(C,P.)

Reivened thirty and thirty-five. were killed and one hundre:

jured, according to estimates, {) explosion and fire “in the buildings of the Coon Produc {ining Company here early

At 10 am. seven bodies, si them {dentified, had been and at that hour two bull the big plant were in rnin.

See Bodies in Rains -

Peoria, Mls., Jans $—({C.P.} terrible explosion - is: reported in Corn” Products Company plant: Phat nes Righty ons have removed lteved that more than) uave lost thetr lives, ion’ ia ‘to’ said to hare

destroyed’ that’ building. « Firemen, nurses,’ ' doctors, / gud. ambulances were rushed |

away. Rescuers. could.

ao , fea’ of rom 26:10. 36-1) : in rh rnins, but the Haale oF f éd aftempts to reach:them) ~~ “pernons were employed t-which was the principal a toe

36 > pixa ; ‘y of Peking:

, “Se

Proceedng to Natat=-Siood ‘Im- pression Lelt at Cape by All Ranks< 0!

branches’ all over the world, inelud- In the afficeet the captain of de- ing the United States, Britain, vari-|tectives at central police station the! Venture.

3 : Baptist and 1 Hebrew. ae four. years} UY husiness and profeasion cus‘ parta of the continent and the liwp actresses and the. chauffeur!

s ; unclt hascaln Yit om great a var-1!rGat. houses. which have, been gur- clerk and in elghteen | ry of paper res thy over had, ToUunded by water. In other buildings ‘There ure’ 4 realty brokers, 4 bulla-;!0 varlous parts of the inunglated-arca

CAPETOWN, Jan. 3-J1.M.S: Hood ©

Lum artic! ond Repulsaq -Jeft Tablé Bay” oh

would: have been ready to

pe) ‘onfé¥, "the College of Pharmacy, for

wing the dogreé of Bachelor of Phar-! Pe BMY. u

*#ome-young men were using. “aul

_ eaaign


‘ers, 2 lawyers, 2 retired business} men, 2 manufacturers’ agents, ? manufacturers und one each of thes following: Dentist, journalist, wag- on and auto repairer, confectioner, } auto dealer, lumber dealer, business ‘trying ,to. trace the sonrce of! manager, sanitary engineer, produce Keotie which, it was belleved.|nerchant mason contractor; butcher

The % and coal broker. tes-had been in commanica-|- phe poard of Control has three

top, witht Ottawa in reference ta the! yfethodiats, Hiltz, Foster and Hack- matter; <. - - er;.one Catholic, Gibbons, and one SORY Law is Severo Baptist, Cameron. $ i fhe la :

th reference to illegal pos- of narcotics In very severe. REV, @. 8. WOOD, MELROSE, GUES TO NORTH GOWER

Stating that conviction on a

x tge of this kind means at least a

cniee IN OTTAWA PRESBYTERY In the absence of the ioderator,

tha’ term together with a fine prints Rey. R.A. -Cranstea, of Trenton,

00.-or possibly a further: fayit of payment of the

“VPhe cateused was admitted to bah} Rev, D. C, Ramray was chosen to ; « presidd ‘at a special meeting of the presbytery whicli wax held in the Jo ent ©) c r e a MONTREAL, ‘Jan, 3, Youthful ce at atti raters nhelooas Fp 32 ath ba Ror Pag ei wan to deal with a call presented teen yi i by the congreration of North Gow- /fatureta obtain: their needed’ supply} cr to the Rev, O. 8, Wood of Mel- Of cocaine, becaure Armand Vergeron.| rose, The call was sustained by deatribed: by =the «police axa dope! Ottawa pr’ wytery ‘Tho stipond of- peddlar;") and sald to be “the only forced ts $1,800 with a frea manao ; dealer > who sold’ drugs. to children,”! snd one month's holidays, Nev Da- BE to fall’ for six months desta 1 Smith of Manotick, and Mr. J. sd guilty tra charge of pos-! if. Forguson, af Osgoode Station ap- raga, hefore Recorder Somple.; peared in support of the call. and dicts of the vice. district) Mexsra James and Harold McCwlough ya obtain. a low-priced deck | of Lonsdale, pleaded. for tho reten- jeron, itis alleged. A deck} tion of “Mr. Wood in “his present accuséd $1 would ‘be «livid:| charge. “Mr. Wood ' accepted’ the our or five parts and sold} call and the pulpit at Lonsdale will jawed boys aud girls at (ifty! be declared vacant next’ ‘Munday. : Rey, D.C. Ramsay was ‘appoinicd

moderator pro tem. ~

Their’ Shining

his:year'’s college work before secur-

: Leal: police. have been - working drug, problem here for aj


one w the.»


~ was not the largest ped- 6 city, but he did a brisk ind waa able to start’ on the Capital, Constable * Coulombe Hs squad, who arrested him,

JZE OPIUM. —. 3.—Fleven bandits +26 at the foot of . Brooklyn, at day- bound and gag- and ‘stole ten canes ded at $9,000," In (robbery was well timed ‘exeented, some of the ‘ban- hing the pier in a. iaunch, came in a motor vehicle,

Ding -a-ling-a-ling went the . ‘gongs at the six city schoolhouses today in welcome to nearly two thonsand rosy-cheeked lads- and Inasiea who braved the winter on the occasion of the re-opening of

. the Institutions: of learning,

- Principals were pletised at. the large attendance On ‘the {frat day, The two.weeks of holidays did not prove xo happy. as they usually ~ ure, for. winter sports (di ek: aint the last few, saree The school) grounds’

ing‘ and


bogts are being used to curry food to

Far Eagt, xays The Daily Express | were questioned exbauntivcly’ |

ing Morning Faces Turned Unwillingly to Schools} ta: the texistaure, The Hon, B. C.

this morning.

Grand Duke Cyril directs opera- {fons of the organization from his office in Paris or his villa at Nice.! The Express declares that it was this, organization which was rsponsible, for the revolt among the red troops in Maxcow last Septginber, when the! White army capt and held the! Kremlin for fourspours. Grand Duke Cyril has addt da proclam- ation to the peagamtry. and workmen of Russia whereimsbe promises con- trol of the Jand:for tho feakants, full liberty and freedom of voting power for all workera.

The Bolshevik are so-alarmed at the progress. of: the © Monarchist movement that they nre putting to death. all persons caught in porses- sion of copter dt the prociamation. :


Manning Doherty and- F.C. Blige Also In Running at Today’s Confah

people who have declined to move out.

The great truck-garden area lying along the river resembles a vast lake. Only here und there §s there any vegetation showing above the murky waters, Army cuginéers are rush- ing footbridge materials to numerous suburban towns in order 10 permit the people to circulate’ in the water- covered strects,

Canada Prepares For Great Influx

March Likely to See Biggest Rush of Immigration ou Record

OTTAWA, Jan, 3, A gencral sur- vey of immigration prospects and of the steps that are necessary to stimu: late the flow of {mmigration to Can- ada in the season noon to open will be made hy F.C, ilair, Secretary of the immigration Department, who leaves this > week for Europe, Mr. Blair will inspect the methods ofthe dif- ferent ggencies, inquire into trans- portation facilities, medical inspec: | tions, and the whole operation of the system, advising as ta what changes as are necessary, before the influx starts! TORONTO, Jan. 3. (C. P.)—The fn heavily. In the past few months leaderghip of the \ United Farmers’ immigration has’ inercased well over | pirty in the Ontario Lovgisiature In 100. percent. Starting im March, it} being decided today at a private con- is expected that this will be qnad-| ference here, - _ _ ° rupled. “The decreased . fares . con-}. The formation of. a Provincial Pro- ceded hy. the steamship Mines will bo | gressive Party, it is believed, will also a helpful factor, : he discussed.

According to reports to-lay, the Hon. W, BE. Raney, Attorney-General in. the Drury Administration, will pro- hably be chosen leader of tho party

- ‘| Drury is wittiout a seat in the pre

‘again resounded to the lively | sent Assembly, and it ‘ia not likely yella and shouts of the schoolboy ~'; that a seat will be opened‘up for him, who' had after an hour or'two.of |The Hon, Manning Doherty. ond the school discipiine almost’ forgoty | Hon, F, C. Bigk# arc also mentioned ten'that he had this morning, like. | tor {he leadership, Shakespeare's typical schoolboy - .

‘with hia ‘satchel, and his: smiling morning face, crept’ }ike snails,

prom Row 9 Getta tig jow.on with good gay ont obsess


London; Jan, 3—It sis offtcially

atatedihat.the British Empire Ex-

hibition, which: 14° to open on ‘April

eee not: bo Shen 0, tke pu Me

qn Su copt for certain relig- Sous orones 0) of


tadiuim, auch ag vice ay,” hah §

“T pistat,

Mins Normand solid ‘she did: not; realize at first what thé~pistol shots meant. oo. t

“Don't youremember, Bdna,” she oxclaiinhed, tarning ‘towards Miss Purvlance.dering-hor. explanation to the detectives, “that J) borrowod your powder puff and Whatcl war using It fustan wo heard the shota; ond you-weat raving crazy and shout- ed, ‘My God, what is thia thing?’ ond I thought it was some fireworks that someome was using to. celebrate the New Yor?" z* = x

ffeur’s Rtory he Heutenant interrapted

whethor it wag In ‘fear

r that he shot Dines, fear ‘for my own life,’ Mouffour, “Ib knew Dinos to take that bottle and ¥ shot him. to: protect myself. fiw didn’t make’ much fuse abont Hbbut T saw; what he waar koing toHo all right. He was just going taflo it nice and easy. . Normand is sick willy aps he said, “and should he pital, Totried.to get hee 1 Dines and-he would nat let her fo; and when he. interfered! with m§t took out Miss Normand’s hich f took from‘her home, hhu.** toctives who queationed the the real motive for the was still a mystery to thepa, rurviance arrived at) Didoa® apartmAt about three o'clock In the afterndiy, she sald, and Miss Nor- nmiund me time later, to Misa Prirvinnee, 8 sitting behind a fable and move towarda the chauf- latter shooting before

his emple “It we sald the

oud ah Clty



Continued on page 5)


Twonthive white loghorn’‘pultets bred antratsed by Mr. —Willfam |; Duminio, Vest. Bridge Bt. produced during thymonth of: December a tak-of Ogee. Poultry. i


Dives Into Icy Stream to Save _ Womany Who Dies from rare Exposure -

COBALT, Jan, 3—News of a Christ mas seaxOn tragedy back in the Que- bec bush iftom Lake Timiskaming has been brought here by two bro- thers named Green, who have been working In gne of the lumber'camps on the Kipawa River. According to those men ,a@° man d a woman, names unknown, bu€ both French- Canadians, wont through the ice at Sheffield rapids two daya before Christmas.) ‘Then man pulled him. self out,’ and, although a nearby lumberjack twice dived into the ley Water and succeeded In bringing ont the woman,’ ale died an hour later from exposure.

Mr. Asa Yeomans


Mr. Asa Yeomans, who has been on the ataff of the local branch of the Standard Bank’Of Canada, is severing hia connections with that banking In- stitution and“ will on Sunday leave for Moutreal, whore he’ will take an important post with E. A, Scofield, Industrial Chémicals. Hia departure


from Pelleville will be. keenly felt, |!

particularly’ in “Association” circles,

the llght cruisers having preceded’

will Ie for a few hours off Mossel Bay,, Port Elizabett' and East’ Lon- don, (The.‘visit of the: special ser~ vice squadron here, heen a tre-

them to Durban. The battlierulders.

maendoys succesas0 much wo tiht | |

the Dutoli morning fewspaper has boen constrained ‘to boycott all men- tion of the presence ofthe warships, evidently fearing the

sight of them ‘migtt make. ‘on, the

Duteti-speaking peoute Yo tie colin~ try districts tf tu Y werd see them. hie BAe"

It is too early. toapeak (at the ré-

sults of the vist on) publle policy,

‘{fapreasion the °

tut the © officers commanding “the”

flect have made @ very sion and the excellent the bina jackets axztont lice. There bas not) be case of: misbehaviour. -


to Montreal|

Opera House | I of hin. completion of aq century as<a singer ia { recorded a unique event in the’

atic: annals ‘Of this countty.” Rec show that there: th no other’

of a singer havitig appeared In “lead- ing rolea at the same operatic institu: tion” for so ‘iong” any interi

where he has been one of the basket: |’

ball playera’on the local Y.M.C.A. in- termediate team, which is entered in the provincial series; and in the lead- ora’ training corps of which he jg an officer, . a


646 ECC

; tee pecially iw ho: months lee ave

OSES pe:


hendt es

ALL -LADI were in t alleys, are” req



Ottawa “Bureau of: Statistics

) ake in Canada this winter Is not ex-



Et te i : st % “<u ses 0

th n

‘from January

“Show Imports to-be Well ~. Abo

91 Per Cent. Greater Than Bt ere Usual

a 5-3

OTTAWA, Jan.,3.—A fuel short-

pected. 4 poke

;. Returns fasued by the mining branch of the Bureau of Statistics show! tkat both imports of, coal and ontpat from mines, for, the © ten months ending Oct. 31, wére welt pbove the three-year average. “When considered in ‘conjunction with the mild “weather in’ November and De- cember,”, say{ the mining branch, “these facts seem to preclude’ the possibility of a fuel shortage In Can- nda this winter.”

TEe cumulative output. of coal from Canadian mines for the ten months was 14,127,000 tons, an in- crease of 21 per cent. over_the pre- ceeding three-year average for the same period. The output during

October was 1,500,000 tans, an in-| ;

crease of 21 per cent. over that of September. From Britain and U. 8.

Total:importation‘of.coal from the United States and Great Britain dur- ing October amounted to 1,931,000 tons, as against. 2,125,000 tons im- ported’ during September, and was 7: per cent below the three-year av- erage for the month. However the stal Importation of’all coal for the n ‘months was 19,450,000 tons, an

er totalled, 311,100 tons.

‘as five per cent. less and 19 per cent.

Britain during the month. aml amount of anthracite 4,316,800 tons, .an

for this period. Increase General

- With the exception of the Quebec of anth-

first ten months wero 12 per cent. below the aver- has*been quite gen- prysy tre -in- the Tor. Wind- » Ottawa

nrea, 23 per cent. and in the King-

orea, in which the imports ractte during’ the

the jrercg ti “in the Méntrest

age. ora au crease Was 60 por cent,;

per cent.; inyhe

onto area, 36 cent.; int

sor area, 34 per gion arear, 21 per cent.

Impor “ten months ending Oct. 31,

compared with the average same pe

, 48 per cent. 44 per cent In the Toronto ares;

per cent. #2 per cent. In the Quebec area.

He Found Them

a Great. Benefit

“Cote ‘Praises

Mr. Alphonse Podd’s Dyspepsia Tablets.

Quebec Man Who Suffered From In-

digéstion- and Stomach Trouble ‘Found Relicf in. Dodd's

ore Dyspepsia Tablets. st. Flavien, pains, of dyspepsia, © Mr. Cote, who reaides here, praises of Dodd's “F can tell you frankly, taking your. tablets, 1 change in my health at once.”

dies, but they did me result was wonderful.

have any pains at all.” 5 Dodd's Dyspepsia Tablets

Dodd's. Dyspepsia Tablets covered. ——__——_—_-


Hamilton rejected daylight saving It- was dis-


4n no uncertain manner, approved by almost two to one.

rease of 43 per cent. over tho pre- ing three year average for the

The imports of anthracite. for Oct-

This than {op Sep- lower than ree.year average for the month. Anthracite imported from the United B8Mtates amounted to 301,300 tons,

chile 9,800 tons came from Great The to-


during the ten months of 1923, was Increase of 34

cent. over the three-year average

ts of bituminous coal Ry the When for \he riod of the last three year’, showed increases of 74 per cent. in puth the Ottawa and Kingston arcas; in the Windsor area; 38 in the Montreal area, and

—_ P.Q,, Dec, 29.—(Spec- jal.) —. Relieved. of the aches and Alphonse is loud in his Dyspepsia Tablets. that after found a Mr. Cote states, “1 have taken other reme- no good." The] hix age, ix not .dispored to move to) lar bill -between Rob Eating Is tow | Ottawa, a pleasure to me, and Tihardly [ever scc-secote ee es eB

certainly atid to the joy of living. They make ‘eating a pleasure and insure against the after effects of meal or banquet.

have proved the most auccessful treatment for Dyspepsia and Indigestion yet dis-


i. * -_—— —-


‘(Hifgo Stinnes is making millions out ofthe Present state man: finance, and France objects (o allied: loans while Germany js able.to finance her own Icans for raw trade expansion).—From the Korsa ren, Christiania.

Wars Have'Been Started On Less . But Yanks Saw Only Gossip in it

WASHINGTON, Jan. 3—War memories are not entirely dead even ‘in those piping days of partial peace. t

Tongues were wagging in dip- lomatic circles here toddy “over an Incident in connection with the recent diplomatic dinner at the White House which was at- tended by the entire diplomatic , corps t ambassadors and ministers t some forty-two countries.

On all such occasions, It ts customary for the White House staf! .to, arrange seating of _ guests, according to rank and position and each diplomat es- corts the wife of one of his col- leagues to the state dining room, -

*- On this oceasion, Dr. Ot:o Von

t 1

Wiedfeldt, the German ambas- sador, was assigned with the Baroness De Cartier De March-


House attaches were forced to


LP is, i! U Deter cn 4 +

cecal | ee aes

NY—POINCARE ; 1 of ‘Ger- for food. for Germany materials for

fenne, wife of the Belgian am- bassailar, .The Barone if an American, «the forméT Mrs. Hamilton Wilkes-Carey Of New York. She objected strenu- ously to the seating atranke- ment that flustered) White make a realignment aud in- | stead of the baroness, the Ger- man ambassador took in Mme. Hanihara, wife of the Japanese ambassador. =

The incident has created a sensation m diplomatic circles , of the capital. =

In normal times, according to the attaches, it Bight have magnified Into an laternational incident, but outside of provid- ing a choice morsel of tea tabic conversation around the embas- sies and legatiota. ft seemeu today that nothing Fould come . of- it,

ee cerns | ee enews

No Rush for Butcher’s License

- Only Five Issued at City - Hall

There has been no rush 80 far on he* City Hall to purchase butchers’ Icenses for cutting up meat, City

Treasurer Frederick told The Ontario in answer to an inquiry to-day.

“I have jasued only five licenses so

far.” he added.

permission to cut up meat on market or in shops is granted.

This Hcense has to be secured before the The


Letter to Mrs, (Dr) Ra . Y , sy i CBs.) ey, Sh Nek Necemney ta eveer Locatel mars the company was incorpotat-

proposed change of, the election date

sisntial enough to Heing mace, It 1s expected,


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spending the h her parents, Mr. and Frank “Geary Nears all the latest news a8 saath radio installed in his home. Miss Gladys Blue spent the week

“Bernice and Olive Blue at- f rty in Madoc on Friday “SA number attended the naa tree which was held on Dec. and eyeryono was

1 tothe first Monday <{n December did not draw 2 decisive «> -yote one way or the other, itscarried by a scant majority, of 62 votes. ‘This will not be deemed sul- warrant the change

éxcéllent program by the scholars.<.,

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Belleville, Tells of Gift of Parcels

The following is a copy of a letter

from the convenor of the Sailors’ Comforts at~ Hallfax, N.S.,.to Mrs.

Kielleville: Halifax, N.S., Dee, 18th, 1923.

parcel you sent some time ago would not open, as I expressly want ed it for Christmas, carefully your society always

and thank them for thelr fine gifts. Wishing you a Merry and Happy New Year. | Yours sincerely,



Dttawa, Jan. 3. -— It is intimated |NHOT DEAD OVE here that Eugene Lafleur, K.C.. of

Montreal, who has been offered th

Supreme Court judgeship in succes- sion to the Inte Mr, Justice Brodeur, Mr.

will not zecept the high honor. Lafleur has u large practice, and, a

Light the Way ! Good Glasses

AVE. a clear vision and

light the wey with a pair ‘edwards ‘Eyeglasses. No one ean afford to dilly-dally with his eyesight. Beé'sure of your- self by investing in a pair of our tortolse shell Glasses. We save your eyes and you save your eyes hnd you save your money, :


I know howjia pretty nearly made} authorities have their sweaters and socks, and the men|tising should be will be so proud getting a gift from] paper in each Py your society, they are all splendidly|{s npt necessary made and look so fresh and nice. Re-| locality.

member me kindly to all the society,

Christmas| cussion.

treasurer, according to the by-law, has no option In the matter at all’ ex- cept to grant a license whenever it is asked.

Saturday will see qite a number of the Heenses issued. The license fee. which is one dollar, is scarcely high enough to pay the eet of making out the license.

The licenses start with the new year. .

ity is Nallse Made at Cupital.

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When the bill House at first the The pro bills {9 to refer th hills committee whi two sides and rep sion will. follow t IB, MecGiverin, M.P. chairman of the co

& report. for Ottawa, | mittee,

v|Saw Mill Operato Emplo:

EDMONTON, Alta, 3.—(Can-| effect that Leonard Wood, Jr., had tl adian Press.) A quabel over a dol-| solicited subscriptions from private Pee drccruhead ee eeit Hes any . C. Hadley,| soldiers at a time when ft wax ap-| cream at and “use; it lke-cola saw mill operator, wre plant fs parent that the oll company could £

three miles south of

of his employees, led to at 7.30 Tuesday mornin

The provincial police search for Barnett.


London, Jan, 3,—-The of Carnarvon, despite his! heritance from his’ late discoverer of the tomb o enkhamen, has decided th to enter: bsuiness and ha in obtaining eleceion as a ing member of Lioyds, the Dally Mirror,




; UNC Baphetumat! SHT's O


Was President of Of! Co. While/PELICIOUS COFFEES,

Namo at ah Rs Gen. Wood “CHILDISH” SAYS

Acme. Production» .C wildcat ofl eriterprise of which Leon- ard Wood, ‘Jr.; son .of the Governor- General president, sold stock, largely to ex- soldiers, on the representation that Governor-General stood back of the scheme, is now [n- disputable,

not merely bears this out, but proves as shown by a letter written to » soldier by Leonard Wood, Jr., him- self, that soldiers were among the


r OTTAWA, Jan, 3—lIlow to adver- tive the church’taton legislation is che committee In Alexander Ray, C.S.C., for C.W.C.A..| charge of the BU haa submitted to the authorities Bee, The rules pro- vide’ that private bills shall be ad-

My Dear Mrs. Ray,—This morning] yvertised in the Tanad I started getting things ready for our)the “locality acp sailors for Christmas, and-your lovely| would mean eve f| where there Is a

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